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Occupational Health and Safety Strategy

MB Management Services LtdOccupational Health and Safety Strategy




MB Management Services Ltd believe that we should all go home from work free from illness or injury.  We aim to manage Health and Safety in a proactive and professional manner, integrated into our culture, values and the way we do business.

In order to protect our staff, sub-contractors and other stakeholders from illness and injury, we must treat Health and Safety as highly as we do our other core values and make it an integral part of the solution we provide to our clients.

Our key aims within this vision include:

  • The development and operation of a health and safety system – taking the Health & Safety policy and planning its integration throughout the company, organising how changes are implemented, measuring its performance against set standards then auditing and reviewing its performance.
  • Ensuring there are sufficient resources within the company to deliver on this vision.
  • Demonstrating the importance of good Health & Safety by top management – taking every opportunity to reinforce how important this is. Whether it is visible behaviour, written communication or reinforced face-to-face in meetings.
  • Ensuring that every individual within MB Management Services Ltd is committed to achieving clear Health & Safety objectives, their responsibility clearly known.
  • Developing a culture of co-operative and shared ownership with employees and sub-contractors consulted in planning, measuring and reviewing performance.
  • Ensuring the competence of employees and sub-contractors – checking they are equipped with the skills, training, knowledge and supervision.
  • Complying with legal and other requirements – welcoming regular reviews from external bodies to ensure compliance.
  • Actively encouraging sub-contractors to be in alignment with our Health & Safety policy.
  • Identifying and meeting Clients Health & Safety expectations.


Name Marcus Bealby
Position Director
Date 27/04/2020